Rules & Regulations

College Rules

1          Parents/guardians of the boarders must make sure that no money is given to the students except through the Bursar, Housemaster or Matron. The penalty for the contravention of this rule, could be severe.

2          No student of the College is allowed to collect any cash/funds for any function or celebration and keep with them the cash/funds so collected.

3.         Parent/guardian must not allow their wards to bring any valuable articles like jewellery, i-pods, mobiles, watches, camera, tape recorder etc. to the College. The College shall not take any responsibility if such articles are lost.

4.         The day boarders are not permitted to come to the College after normal school hours and also not permitted to leave the College premises during school hours unless permitted by the College authorities.

5.         The Security Deposit of the student shall stand forfeited if he/she is expelled/rusticated from the College on grounds of indiscipline or when the College has incurred heavy losses by the damage caused by the student before leaving the College.

6.         Students will be charged double the amount for the damages done by them to the College property in case such doings as intentional and the same will be charged to their respective accounts.

7.         No boarder can go out of the College premises without the written permission of the Housemaster/Warden. Any contravention to this rule, may result in the expulsion of the student from the College.

8.         If a boarder goes out of the College premises with or without the permission of the authorities, he/she shall be solely responsible for his/her conduct and behaviour outside the campus and the College shall not be responsible for any mis-happenings, accidents or eventualities occurring during his/her stay outside.

9.         The parents are not allowed to contact any employee of the College, in any matter relating to the child and the College, without prior permission of the appropriate authorities.

10.       Every student must come to the College in proper College uniform failing which he/she may not be permitted to attend the classes or any College functions.

11.       No student shall engage himself/herself in any acts of indiscipline or get involved in any act of manhandling or do any act which comes under the orbit of ragging, failing which he/she may be expelled / rusticated from the College at the discretion of the Principal.

12.       No student is permitted to use mobile phones in the College premises.

13.       No student is permitted to come to the College in two wheelers unless he/she holds a valid driving licence and a consent letter of the parent. Such students and the pillion rider shall however, be required to put on helmets. Under no circumstances shall they allow any other student to drive their vehicle or permit any student to sit with them in the vehicle. All such vehicles must have vehicle pass.

14.       All parents are bound to abide with the declaration signed by them in the Registration Form at the time of admission of their wards.

15.       The College can sue and will be sued in name of the Principal, Rajkumar College Raipur (C.G.) in Raipur only. (Subject to Raipur jurisdiction only)

16.       The Management Reserves the right to add/alter /amend or cancel any of the rules or the fee Structure mentioned in this Prospectus at any time which will be binding on parents/ guardians. The parents shall however be intimated of such changes well in advance.

17.       It is presumed that parents/guardians and pupils have read and accepted the contents of this Prospectus as the rules and conventions of the college in force from time to time.

18.       The following places are out of bound for students during the term -

(a) The College Guest House. (b) The Staff quarters, the Masters’ Common Room and the Staff Club. (c) The kitchen, pantry and the stores. (d) All roofs (e) Boarding houses other than their own, without the prior approval of the concerned housemaster.


College Uniform

College Uniform details are in Acrobat File Format. You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC (Personal Computer) to Print It. You can download / print the details by clicking here.


  1. A parent/guardian wishing to withdraw his son/ward after the completion of the academic session, must give to the Principal an advance notice in writing to be sent by registered post before 3 1st of  March of the year of withdrawal, failing which a sum of Rs. 5,000/- shall be charged for late intimation.

  2. In case parent applies for withdrawal after 30th of June of the year of withdrawal, he shall be required to pay a sum of Rs.10,000/-, as penalty.

  3. Principal, Rajkumar College, Raipur reserves the right to withdraw/expel or rusticate a child during any period of the term without assigning any reason thereof. However, such a step is normally resorted to, on the grounds of consistent poor academic record, immorality grave insubordination, contempt of authority and breaking rules and regulations. In such cases, the Security Deposit of the student shall stand forfeited and no part of the fee deposited, shall be refunded.

  4. If the parent of a newly admitted student, wishes to withdraw his ward, once the academic session has begun, after having deposited the admission fee etc., he may do so, but in such cases no part of the fee deposited by him, shall be refunded, except the Security deposit after settling the accounts.

  5. If a parent has withdrawn his ward from the College and at a later date wishes to readmit his ward in the College, he shall be required to pay Rs. 5,000/- as re-admission fee.



  1. The management reserves the right to add / alter / amend or cancel any of the rules or the fee structure mentioned in this prospectus at any time which will be binding on parents / guardians. The parents shall however to be intimated of such changes well in advance.

  2. It is presumed that parents / guardians and pupils have read and accepted the contents of this prospectus as the rules and conventions of the college in force from time to time.


Rules For Leaves

1.     Parents/guardians of the boarders may see their wards on the last Saturday of the month from 2.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. and on last Sunday of the month from 10.00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with the permission of the Housemaster/Matron if mentioned in the College Calendar.

2.     Boarders in Junior and Middle Section are allowed to be away from the College on the last Saturday of each month till about 5.30 p.m., the following day at the request of parent/guardian.

3.     No leave is granted during term time except in cases of medical ailments or some important religious functions. Applications for such leaves should be sent in advance to the Principal specifying the reasons for request of leave. The Principal, however, reserves the right to grant or cancel such leaves. Any academic loss to the students on the ground of leave, will taken not be compensated by the College in any way.

4.    A student shall be fined @ 150/- per day for leaves not sanctioned by the Principal. Similarly the day boarders absenting themselves from  classes on any day and the boarders arriving late after vacations and sanctioned leaves without the previous consent of the Principal in writing, will have to pay a penalty of Rs. 150/-per day to be charged to their respective accounts.

5.    If the attendance of any student falls short of 75% of the classes held during the academic year, he/she shall not be permitted to appear in the final examinations.


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