Student's Life

A Student's life at Rajkumar College can be compared to no one else. From the moment we enter the school in Junior Classes, everything is such a whirlwind and goes by so fast, that one doesn't realize till suddenly we pass out as students of class XII on our way to colleges. The Primary Section is supposed to be cool but for the number of activities. We are either preparing to give a speech in front of the whole assembly or preparing for an elocution or dance to be performed in the jam- packed Jashpur Hall. Before anyone realises, we are in the Middle Section and again either preparing for the Independence Day or the Prize Giving Function. Of course in between we have to cope-up with our studies too! We are now in senior Section; here everything is so different ! The studies of course are more, but so are the activities. So many sports and activities to choose from; elocution, drama, music, quiz, debate, recitation and many others.Suddenly we are in Class XII and some of us are even Prefects! That adds responsibility on our shoulders. We have to take our Sets towards victory, be it athletics, elocution, swimming or drill. We have to win !! After December there is a sudden lull as exams are round the corner. The responsibility of putting our complete effort and achieving the best possible result dawns on us now. And finally we paas out after the customery farewell from our beloved school ; as we look back now, we would do anything to go back there once more. It is an elite feeling, just knowing that this is our Alma mater.


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